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New York Perceptions



Marc Kaczmarek creates visual poetry , 

In this volume we get to savor a city we thought we knew , to discovers its

dimensions anew through Kaczmarek’s sensibility and mastery of light and shadow .


Deborah Dash Moore

Frederick G.L, Huetwell Professor of History

Director , Frankel Center for Judaic Studies

University of Michigan


Crossing Paths



As a twelve year old Parisian boy, I chose a camera over a bicycle. Eight years later, in October of 1962, I left France for New York. I spoke no English and was overwhelmed by the American Metropolis.

Eventually I was introduced to Lisette Model. Both she and my printer recommended that I seek out Alexey Brodovitch. Consequently, I registered at Brodovitch’s “Design Laboratory” which led me to a new path, a life devoted to photography and visual poetry.

Spirits of the Forest


Art has been described as a marriage of form and content. The exploration of form is clearly the dominant theme in Kaczmarek’s imagery. Of this work he has written,  “  … when there is no one to see, the forest comes alive. “

His searching vision brings a new life to the natural world for all of us to see, process and experience for ourselves .

R. Roger Remington

Vignelli Distinguished Professor of Design

Rochester Institute of technology


Soon after the twin towers were destroyed in my neighborhood, I sought solitary refuge in a forest Upstate New York ,

Little did I know that I was not alone , for there were spirits everywhere .


Marc Kaczmarek


Passage en Aragon


ARAGON - Un terrain fertile a l’imagination - l’amour - C’et amour si bien exprimer par les troubadours a travers leurs poèmes chantes

Cette series d’images, est un recueil d’emotions de ce petit village medieval, a la poursuite de son propre destin — 

Pourrait- il se traduire a travers une poésie visuelle dans le passage des temps??

Marc Kaczmarek


New York Fresco Pop


A 30-year photographic journal of New York's transient public visual culture.

The Tribeca Trib

In this book Marc is intuitively touching important aesthetic themes such as the ambiguity present in placing these found images in a common context .

The individual images and page spreads here show the evidence of the power of Marc's sensibilities in documenting his visual environment in New York from 1976 to the present.

R. Roger Remington 
Massimo and Lella Vignelli 
Distinguished Professor of Design 
Rochester Institute of Technology 
August , 2009


Photography keeps me focused by working on both short and long projects : a way to disconnect so as to reconnect with my own nature which seeks to find harmony , beauty and poetry in the chaos of everyday life.


L'Âme du Pinier


Aussi loin que je me souvienne , lorsqu’enfant , quelque chose ou quelqu’un venait perturber mon environnement  , j’entrais dans ma coquille , je m’y renfermais et seule la vue d’un cheval , volée sur revue , un calendrier ou un écran de tele , me rendait le calme et la serenite .

Cette sensation de paix que l’image de ce magnifique animal m’a toujours procurer, a finalement servi de fil conducteur au reste de mon expérience 

Humbert Chayla


Step Forward


This is not another book about dance . It is a book about dance but also about photography.


About the intersection of two forms of art . It is not a document of dance . It utilizes the dance and the human form to speak another language , to give photography the freedom to be other than slave to document , to be itself , to move across the page as a dancer moves across a stage .


It transcends distinctions of digital and analogies to analog .


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